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AAA Cares Landing Page

AAA Cares Landing Page Project Hero Image


Build an online resource hub showcasing AAA Cares partner charities, encouraging donations, and enrolling volunteers within the AAA community.

My Role:

Lead UX Designer collaborating with UX Manager, UX Copywriter, Development, LOB Marketing Partners, Key Stakeholders, and Charity Representatives


1. Conducted Whiteboarding Session

2. Created Low-Fidelity Mock-Up

3. Finalized Copy

4. Created High-Fidelity Mock-Up

5. Obtained Stakeholder Signoff

6. Conducted Development Handoff

7. Conducted Design QA

8. Launched New Site

AAA Cares Landing Page Wirefreames.jpg


  • Lack of information on AAA Cares program and charity partners

  • Low-quality photos of trucks on the page

  • Failure to highlight employee engagement and personal stories

  • Absence of a clear donation path for users to contribute to partner charities

  • Lack of links to partner charity sites


  • Implemented a 3D Truck Viewer to showcase designs and allow charities to reference their dedicated truck

  • Added additional page content highlighting employee testimonies, AAA partnership history, and charity site links

  • Included charity donation links to enhance organization visibility and encourage donations and volunteer enrollment among AAA members

AAA Cares Landing Page Redesign Desktop and Mobile Screenshots

Looking Back:
Recommended UI Modifications

1. Separate video from header and placed into a dedicated section below

2. Enlarge 3D truck viewer for improved visibility

3. Align testimonial pull-quotes with section titles for clearer context

4. Match color overlays with full background photo to reduce visual noise

5. Change transparent sections to opaque to enhance text legibility

6. Conduct a full accessibility audit

7. Monitor CTA performance over a 3-month period

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