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Web Site Redesign

Calyptix Web Site Redesign Project Hero Image


Redesign the Calyptix Website with consistent typographic hierarchy and visual language, improving the accessibility of product information and digital resources on both mobile and desktop devices, thereby enhancing site conversion rates.

My Role:

Lead Web Designer and Developer supporting Marketing and Sales

Calyptix Website Before Redesign Screenshots


  • Website lacked clear hierarchy, making it hard to navigate

  • Content density hindered easy scanning for information

  • Inconsistent use of design elements across the site

  • Frequently requested information was not easily accessible

  • The website lacked responsive capabilities

  • Low content downloads affected user engagement

Calyptix Web Page Redesign Wireframes


1. Reviewed customer complaints for valuable insights

2. Reviewed competitor sites to understand best practices

3. Created low-fidelity wireframes for initial design exploration

4. Created hi-fidelity wireframes with refined design solutions

5. Obtained stakeholder sign-off to proceed with development

6. Implemented the redesigned website with careful development

7. Conducted quality assurance to ensure a seamless user experience

8. Launched the new website to the public

Calyptix Home Page After Redesign Screenshot
Calyptix Website After Redesign Model, Resources, Sales Screenshots
Calyptix After Redesign Mobile Screenshots.jpg


  • Achieved a remarkable 57% increase in content downloads

  • Witnessed a significant 14% increase in conversions

  • Successfully reduced the site bounce rate by 32%

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