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Fins Car Wash Website Redesign
Created by AAA

Fins Wash Home Page Project Hero Image


Redesign, aligning it with the Fins Car Wash Loyalty App using updated components from the organization's Design System.

The Company:

Fins Car Wash, a new car wash chain in the SouthEast, created by AAA to complement their automotive offerings.

My Role:

Lead UX Designer collaborating with UX manager, Development, and Fins Car Wash Marketing Team

The Users:


Existing & Potential
Fins Car Wash Customers

Fins Car Wash & AAA Marketing Managers


  • Fins Car Wash needed to build brand recognition to drive business

  • Existing landing page contradicted the app experience with heavy AAA branding, causing confusion for visitors

  • Inclusion of promotions and event information required to boost social media event postings impressions

  • Promotional imagery needed consistent sizing with marketing material to reduce graphic design department workload

  • Components needed easy editing by Fins and AAA marketing managers without overriding the design system

The Ideation Process

1. Reviewed Existing Market Research and Site Performance


2. Drafted Site Architecture

3. Created Low-Fidelity Wireframes

4. Presented for Team Review

5. Created Hi-Fidelity Wireframes

6. Presented for Team Review

7. ​Conducted Development Handoff

8. ​Completed Design QA


9. Launched New Website


The Obstacles:

Last minute changes for adding a new section summarizing current FINS promotions threatened the site's launch date.​


  • Utilized social media marketing images as thumbnails, leading to dedicated landing pages for each promotion

  • Minimized AAA branding to align with Fins Car Wash identity

  • Provided marketing managers with limited WordPress editing permissions for promotion updates and interactive map additions

Fins Wash Home Page Redesign Desktop and Mobile Screenshots
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