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Fins Car Wash Mobile App
Created by AAA

Fins Wash Mobile App Project Hero Image


Create a multi-functional loyalty app for Fins Car Wash (Created by AAA) to enhance brand recognition, increase car wash sales, and cross-sell AAA Memberships to Fins Customers.

The Company:

Fins Car Wash, a local car wash chain in the SouthEast, created by AAA to complement their automotive offerings.

My Role:

Started as a junior ux/ui designer collaborating with the UX manager. Assumed the role of UX lead after the manager's departure in March 2021.

The Users:


Loyalty Members_4x.png




Phase 1

MVP Initial Release Criteria:

  • Develop a Loyalty App with Native Coding

  • Integrate Application with Various 3rd-Party Technologies (ICS, Clutch, Salesforce)

  • Link User Activity to Loyalty Membership Barcode

  • Implement Barcode Scanning at Car Wash Kiosk

  • Offer Membership-Linked Discounts to AAA Members

Fins App Phase 1 User Flow DIagram

Phase 1

Ideation Process

1. Establish Acceptance Criteria

2. Initiate Scrum Ceremonies


3. Define Information Architecture


4. Diagram User Flows


5. Create Wireframes


6. Develop High-Fidelity Mock-ups

7. Create Interactive Prototype


8. Conduct User Testing

9. Refine Design


10. Conduct Development Handoff


11. Quality Assurance Testing


12. Release Application 

Phase 1


  • Users struggled with scanning their loyalty barcode at the kiosk

  • Difficulties redeeming rewards and navigating back to the home page


Phase 1


  • Linked header logo to the home page

  • Added in-app and kiosk instructions for barcode scanning

  • Implemented a tutorial sequence upon app download

Fins App Phase 1 Screenshots

Phase 2

Visual Style Enhancements

After the app's release, our team aimed to refine the UI due to some users still reporting difficulties with successfully scanning their digital loyalty barcode at wash kiosks.

Phase 2


  • Improved accessibility and visual hierarchy using typography

  • Expanded loyalty barcode for better scanability at POS kiosks

Fins App Phase 2 Screenshots.jpg

Phase 3

Dark Mode Enhancement

To align with the mission of Fin's parent company, AAA, the app sought to promote safe driving for Fins Car Wash customers. Implementing a dark mode was crucial as bright screens could distract drivers at night and impede their ability to readjust to low-light surroundings.

Phase 3


  • Encouraged safe driving by introducing a dark mode feature

  • Defined a new color palette and updated the design system

Fins App Phase 3 Screenshots.jpg

Phase 4

License Plate Recognition Technology Integration

Fins implemented new license-plate reading capabilities at car wash locations to track loyalty purchases and wash club member activity. This technology also empowered kiosks to display personalized menu options based on users' loyalty, AAA, or wash club status.

Fins Mobile App Phase 4 User Flow Diagram.jpg

Phase 4


  • Enabled license-plate reading capabilities to track loyalty purchases and customize menu options based on membership status.

  • Added notification banner and CTA for user enrollment.

Fins App Phase 4 Screenshots.jpg

Project Results:

The app achieved 1,000+ downloads, contributing to increased customer engagement.


Looking Back:
Lessons Learned

1. Conduct thorough research before product development

2. Allow sufficient time for learning curves in AGILE teams

3. Prioritize extensive user testing, including testing at physical stores

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